Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caroline, you are 12 months old...

I'm going to try to do these posts once a month -- hopefully with a few random posts in between -- to keep up with Caroline's developments and likes/dislikes. Every month will be different but each will include a set of new pictures of our little munchkin.


Caroline, you are 12 months old...

You went to the pediatrician and she was so happy with your development! You are 23 lb., 13 oz and 29.5" long. She loves when you come in for your appointments and always goes to show you off to the nurses. You did have to get 2 shots this time... ouch! You were very brave though.

You currently have 2 Halloween costumes for this year and it's still almost 2 weeks away! Mommy and daddy are very indecisive.

You finally have another tooth coming in! You got your first eight teeth very early (around 6-7 months) and haven't gotten any since then. Luckily, you take it like a champ & we haven't had any teething issues with you... *knock on wood*...

You aren't walking yet. The first question I get after I tell someone how old you are is "Is she walking yet?" And to tell you the truth, I'm not rushing it or trying to push you into it. It'll happen when it happens. You can fly across the room in seconds by crawling, so why mess with success?

Your closet is chock full of adorable fall/winter clothes. This is such a fun age for dressing you up! You have your first Northface jacket, your first pair of Uggs, a billion sweaters and snuggly fleece sleepers. I may not be the most stylish mom, but you are most definitely the most stylish baby around!

You love: playing with/eating Avon brochures, tomato soup, Reese's Cups (this may be your very favorite thing in the world), riding in shopping carts and smiling at strangers, going to IU football games (you clapped for the first time at one!), Elmo, ice water, Goldfish, bath time as long as you have some toys, going for walks at the zoo, sauerkraut (we were shocked, must be those German roots shining through), frozen waffles, playing with Mommy's iPhone (thank god for Otterboxes), and getting your teeth brushed.

Here are some recent pictures -- someone new tells me how beautiful you are everyday. I always have to agree. :)

A party fit for a monkey!

We celebrated Caroline's first birthday with family and friends on October 2nd and everyone had a great time! It was monkey-themed -- we call Caroline our little monkey because she's always climbing on everything and getting into stuff!

I ordered a monkey birthday t-shirt for her on Etsy, a website that gets WAY too much of my money! It turned out perfectly and helped with the party theme. We also bought a small inflatable pool (hooray for summer clearance sections!) and made it a ball pit for all the kiddos that attended. It was definitely a hit!

We served assorted sandwiches, Ramen noodle Cole slaw, chips, pumpkin fluff dip with vanilla wafers, a veggie tray -- and most importantly, a banana-flavored monkey cake from our favorite bakery. They did a great job it and I was so in love with Caroline's smash cake! And as you'll be able to tell from the pictures, so was she..... :)

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