Thursday, March 15, 2012

Caroline, you are 17 months old...

Caroline, lately when people ask how old you are I've been responding "almost a year and a half" and that breaks my heart! But it's the truth & you are growing up so much!

We've had gorgeous weather over the past week & I've been able to dress you in some cute little sun dresses and sandals. You look like such a big girl -- it's hard for me to accept the fact that you're a toddler now! We've been spending our days visiting the zoo, the park & just outside in general enjoying this gorgeous weather. You are definitely an outdoorsy kind of girl -- you've always been that way!

Here's some new additions to your vocabulary... you are such a little chatterbox!

"Woof woof" - this applies to any animal that even remotely looks like a dog. You have a purple stuffed elephant that you call "woof woof"!
"Coke" - refers to any drink that isn't milk
"Coo Coo" - means cookie
"Cup" - usually the first thing you say when you wake up, it means you want some milk in your belly!
"Hot" - you say this anytime you see food - even if it's on TV!
"Baby" - this refers to any child under the age of 5!
"What's this?" - you probably say this 100 times a day! You are so curious about everything around you. :)

Your most recent milestone is the fact that you are now sleeping in your big girl bed! We were going to wait until we moved into our new house, but that process is going incredibly slowly so we decided to just go ahead and transition you. Over the past couple months you decided that you were too cool for your crib so you were spending most nights in mommy & daddy's bed. But you are IN LOVE with your new bed & sleep so well in it!

Your favorite things in the world right now are books.. something that your Grandpa Bob (my daddy) would've been so happy about. You are constantly bringing books to your daddy and me to read to you. Some of your favorites are Dr. Seuss books, Goodnight Moon, a book about baby animals & anything with Elmo in it. We never turn you down either -- we love the fact that you enjoy being read to!

You attended your first hockey game this month! Your daddy and I took you to an Evansville IceMen game. I have to admit I was nervous -- especially when I found out our seats were completely blocked in & it'd be difficult to get out if you were acting fussy. To my surprise you happily sat on our laps the entire game & loved every minute of it! You were also shown on the big screen three times -- and can you blame them? You were the cutest little girl there!

Here are some of your other current favorites: whispering with daddy (that's your special thing with him right now), shredded cheddar cheese, your Fischer Price Baby Grand Piano, playing with mommy's makeup, bath time (you would stay in the tub all day long if I let you), sweet tea & going to the playground to swing. :)

Here are some recent pictures of you.. as you can see you're such a gorgeous little girl!