Monday, September 23, 2013

Straight Out of The Mouth of Caroline, Part 3

Caroline, you are almost 3-years-old and your personality has just exploded this summer! You're turning into such a sweet, caring, funny, loving little girl. You also have a mean streak too, though -- we struggle everyday with getting you to share your toys with Reese. You love your little sister more than anything in the world -- but you definitely don't want her messing with your stuff. And you are no stranger to temper tantrums either! I would say that you're happy probably 85% of the time and a crying mess the other 15% of the time. You've always been our little drama queen!

You are currently deathly afraid of spiders. Anytime you see a bug (or anything you think is a bug), you yell "AHHH! Scary spider! Daddy!" You absolutely love hotel rooms. You're obsessed bulldozers, back hoes, cranes... anything construction related. You always point them out and get really excited when we're in the car! You love playing games on your Kindle & coloring. Your bath time requires lots of bubbles and a zillion bath toys.

Since my last blog post you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism. If you're reading this as an adult, you probably know everything about your condition -- so I don't need to explain it. But it looks like your doctor has you on the correct dosage of meds right now and your levels are heading in the right direction. I absolutely hate the fact that you're going to have to deal with this the rest of your life -- nobody likes having their blood drawn. Especially a wiggly little toddler that require daddy AND two nurses to hold you down. Sigh.

On to happier stuff... here's a rundown of funny things you've said this summer! It's just a short list. You seriously make me laugh all the time. You are my main source of entertainment these days!

(Checking out daddy's plate)
"Oh. I like shrimp! I gotta eat it!"

Caroline: "I'm so hungry!"
Mommy: "What do you want to eat?"
C: "Water. And a fork."
M: "Is that it?"
C: "And some silverware."

"Look! Two giraffes! It's like... a family."

"Goodnight, Reese Cup. You're my best friend." (you say this all the time now -- it was just incredibly sweet the first time I heard it!)

"Mom, I wanna watch Mickey. I don't wanna watch King Of Queens no more!"

(Drumming on the dining room table)
"I make good moose-kick!" (aka music)

Mommy: "Can you say Nick Lachey?"
Caroline: "Necklace, hey!"

Mommy: "Caroline, you're my best friend."
Caroline: "Yeah, I know. I like Grammie."

(Holding up a cup)
Caroline: "What's this?"
Mommy: "Orange soda."
C: "No, no, no. It's not soda. It's a cup of coke!"

Caroline: "I pooped! I pooped in my diaper!"
Mommy: "You don't have a diaper on."
C: "I pooped in my butt!"

Caroline: "I want a pink bike!"
Mommy: "Okay, we'll see baby."
C: "I'll call Grammie!"

(Carefully examining a blueberry waffle)
"It's blueberries... in toast. Yum!"

(Watching me fold towels - they're stacked up tall on the floor)
"I like your castle, mom!"

Caroline: "I'm petting Reese!"
Mommy: "It's like she's a puppy dog."
C: "She's not a puppy dog, silly. She's my sister!"

"I want watermelon. Wanna cook me some?"

(Caroline laying in her bed naked)
Mommy: "Want some pajamas?"
Caroline: "Nope. I have my belly button."

(After being handed a granola bar)
"I feel better now, mom. I feel happy."

(Talking on a play phone)
Caroline: "Yeah. Yeah. I washed my hands. Mickey's here. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Ummm... I like watermelon. Basketball poot!" (Basketball poot = basketball hoop)
Mommy: "Who are you talking to?"
C: "Grammie. And Goofy." 

Caroline: "Where did Daddy go?"
Mommy: "He's at work."
C: "He took your car?! We gotta stop him!"

(After being handed a plate with bananas and peanut butter)
"Oh. Bananas. I knew it."
Here are some pictures from over the summer...