Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Caroline's 3rd Birthday Party!

Caroline, we had a lot of fun celebrating your 3rd birthday last month! Your dad and I threw you a milk & cookies themed party.

The party was definitely a big hit! I made 10 different varieties of cookies (okay, 9 - Grammie Arlene brought her famous chocolate chip cookies!) and we had white, chocolate & strawberry milk for everyone.

Lots of your little buddies came to play & join the celebration, along with lots of friends and family! You are definitely one very loved girl! You got tons of great gifts, including coloring books, bubbles, dump trucks, a princess dress, puzzles, your first tricycle and so much more.

In keeping with the party theme, we got you a cookie cake and you absolutely loved it! When you were supposed to blow out the candles you tried to grab the flame instead... which is pretty representative of your personality right now. ;)

You are turning into such a sweet little girl, Caroline! Every single day you say things and do things that just blow my mind. I'll definitely need to do another "Straight From The Mouth of Caroline" post soon. And even though it's hard for me to believe you're already 3-years-old, I'm really excited to see what this next year will bring for you!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Straight Out of The Mouth of Caroline, Part 3

Caroline, you are almost 3-years-old and your personality has just exploded this summer! You're turning into such a sweet, caring, funny, loving little girl. You also have a mean streak too, though -- we struggle everyday with getting you to share your toys with Reese. You love your little sister more than anything in the world -- but you definitely don't want her messing with your stuff. And you are no stranger to temper tantrums either! I would say that you're happy probably 85% of the time and a crying mess the other 15% of the time. You've always been our little drama queen!

You are currently deathly afraid of spiders. Anytime you see a bug (or anything you think is a bug), you yell "AHHH! Scary spider! Daddy!" You absolutely love hotel rooms. You're obsessed bulldozers, back hoes, cranes... anything construction related. You always point them out and get really excited when we're in the car! You love playing games on your Kindle & coloring. Your bath time requires lots of bubbles and a zillion bath toys.

Since my last blog post you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism. If you're reading this as an adult, you probably know everything about your condition -- so I don't need to explain it. But it looks like your doctor has you on the correct dosage of meds right now and your levels are heading in the right direction. I absolutely hate the fact that you're going to have to deal with this the rest of your life -- nobody likes having their blood drawn. Especially a wiggly little toddler that require daddy AND two nurses to hold you down. Sigh.

On to happier stuff... here's a rundown of funny things you've said this summer! It's just a short list. You seriously make me laugh all the time. You are my main source of entertainment these days!

(Checking out daddy's plate)
"Oh. I like shrimp! I gotta eat it!"

Caroline: "I'm so hungry!"
Mommy: "What do you want to eat?"
C: "Water. And a fork."
M: "Is that it?"
C: "And some silverware."

"Look! Two giraffes! It's like... a family."

"Goodnight, Reese Cup. You're my best friend." (you say this all the time now -- it was just incredibly sweet the first time I heard it!)

"Mom, I wanna watch Mickey. I don't wanna watch King Of Queens no more!"

(Drumming on the dining room table)
"I make good moose-kick!" (aka music)

Mommy: "Can you say Nick Lachey?"
Caroline: "Necklace, hey!"

Mommy: "Caroline, you're my best friend."
Caroline: "Yeah, I know. I like Grammie."

(Holding up a cup)
Caroline: "What's this?"
Mommy: "Orange soda."
C: "No, no, no. It's not soda. It's a cup of coke!"

Caroline: "I pooped! I pooped in my diaper!"
Mommy: "You don't have a diaper on."
C: "I pooped in my butt!"

Caroline: "I want a pink bike!"
Mommy: "Okay, we'll see baby."
C: "I'll call Grammie!"

(Carefully examining a blueberry waffle)
"It's blueberries... in toast. Yum!"

(Watching me fold towels - they're stacked up tall on the floor)
"I like your castle, mom!"

Caroline: "I'm petting Reese!"
Mommy: "It's like she's a puppy dog."
C: "She's not a puppy dog, silly. She's my sister!"

"I want watermelon. Wanna cook me some?"

(Caroline laying in her bed naked)
Mommy: "Want some pajamas?"
Caroline: "Nope. I have my belly button."

(After being handed a granola bar)
"I feel better now, mom. I feel happy."

(Talking on a play phone)
Caroline: "Yeah. Yeah. I washed my hands. Mickey's here. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Ummm... I like watermelon. Basketball poot!" (Basketball poot = basketball hoop)
Mommy: "Who are you talking to?"
C: "Grammie. And Goofy." 

Caroline: "Where did Daddy go?"
Mommy: "He's at work."
C: "He took your car?! We gotta stop him!"

(After being handed a plate with bananas and peanut butter)
"Oh. Bananas. I knew it."
Here are some pictures from over the summer...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Straight Out of The Mouth of Caroline, Part 2

Caroline, you are at the age now where I can have full conversations with you & it's so much fun! You say the most random crap and I love it. You woke up this morning asking for some "coconut water" (totally normal) and then told me you wanted to play in the cave. Cave = under a blanket and pretending it's a cave. ADORABLE. Here's a list of funny things you've said over the past couple months...

Caroline: "I'm Princess Sofia!"
Mommy: "No, you're Princess Caroline."
C: "What?!"
M: "You're Princess Caroline!"
C: "Uh oh! Where's my crown?!"

(Pulling shirt over your head)
"Mom, it's dark in here!"

Caroline: "I'm so hungry!"
Mommy: "What do you want to eat?"
C: "Umm, let's see here..." (puts fingers to chin)

Mommy: "Do you want to go to back to the zoo sometime and see the animals?"
(You jump off the couch)
Caroline: "Where my shoes, mom?"

(Hits head on bathroom counter)
"Oww, my hair hurts!"

"It's really-diculous!" (ridiculous)

(Gazing out the window)
"Mama, wanna turn the rain off?"

Mommy: "Do you want to go on a walk tomorrow?"
Caroline: "No, it's dark out."
M: "Not right now, tomorrow!"
(You sit up in bed)
C: "Okay, get the flashlight!" 

(On a walk and we see a flamingo lawn ornament)
Mommy: "See that pretty pink bird?"
Caroline: "That's not a bird, mama. It's a 'mingo!"

(After I got out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel)
Caroline: "Have a good shower?"
Mommy: "Yes, I did!"
C: "I like your towel, mama. Oh no, where's your shirt?!"

(Laying in bed at 10 p.m.)
"I'm sleepy. I wanna take a nap."

Caroline: "Where's baby Reese Cup?"
Mommy: "She's sleeping."
C: "Let's wake her up!"
M: "No, she needs to sleep."
C: "She's MINE, mommy! Wake up, Reese!"

 (Leaving the annual Hampton family fish fry, your granddaddy was still there when we drove off)
"Bye grandaddy! Thanks for the hot dogs!"

(Talking to a nice old man at the grocery store)
Old man: "What's your little sister's name?"
Caroline: "That's baby Reese. She eats her fingers."

Some of your favorite things right now include: playing soccer in the backyard, Dora the Explorer fruit snacks, swimming in your pool, peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, the TV show Super Agent Oso, trips to Walmart, fresh watermelon, helping mommy sweep the kitchen and baby corn. 

You are growing up so fast. Next week you'll be taking your second airplane ride (and baby Reese's f irst) and I'm praying you enjoy it. I will have a bag packed with lots of new coloring books and toys. And this time around you'll get your own seat, just like a big girl. You're taking your first trip to New England (we'll be visiting New Hampshire & Connecticut) and seeing some family. Some of them haven't met you or Reese yet & are very excited!

 Here are some recent pictures! :)