Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Caroline's 3rd Birthday Party!

Caroline, we had a lot of fun celebrating your 3rd birthday last month! Your dad and I threw you a milk & cookies themed party.

The party was definitely a big hit! I made 10 different varieties of cookies (okay, 9 - Grammie Arlene brought her famous chocolate chip cookies!) and we had white, chocolate & strawberry milk for everyone.

Lots of your little buddies came to play & join the celebration, along with lots of friends and family! You are definitely one very loved girl! You got tons of great gifts, including coloring books, bubbles, dump trucks, a princess dress, puzzles, your first tricycle and so much more.

In keeping with the party theme, we got you a cookie cake and you absolutely loved it! When you were supposed to blow out the candles you tried to grab the flame instead... which is pretty representative of your personality right now. ;)

You are turning into such a sweet little girl, Caroline! Every single day you say things and do things that just blow my mind. I'll definitely need to do another "Straight From The Mouth of Caroline" post soon. And even though it's hard for me to believe you're already 3-years-old, I'm really excited to see what this next year will bring for you!