Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caroline, you are 18 months old...

Eighteen months old already? I feel like I was just blogging about your first birthday so this blows my mind. You are blossoming into an amazing little girl -- I really do think your main goal in life is to make people laugh. You are such a clown & continue to charm people everywhere we go!

You're officially in 2t clothes & size 5 diapers. It's always kind of difficult for me to move you up in sizes because it means you're growing up on me -- but it also means you're healthy & growing like a weed, which I'm very thankful for. You were 30 lbs even and 32" long at your doctor's appointment this month. Your pediatrician was so, so impressed with you -- she said developmentally in line with 2-year-olds. That made me so proud!

Here are some new additions to your vocabulary this month...

Socks -- you used to say "shoe" all the time but after you learned to say "socks" that's how you refer to both things now! Sometimes you are just too cute to correct!
Elmo - I'm surprised this wasn't your first word, honestly. But you are finally saying it (with great pride) while pointing to your favorite Sesame Street character.
Eye - you love to stick your finger to your eye - or anyone else's - and tell us what it is!
"Debbie" - We have absolutely no idea why you say this but it's how you say "thank you" -- it's always said at an appropriate time. We'll hand you a cup of milk & this is the response we get. So strange, but at least you are developing good manners! ;)
So big - You have an Elmo book titled So Big and you love saying it! You even throw your hands up above your head to show us exactly how big you're talking about -- adorable!
Happy - You pronounce is more like "hoppy" but we know what you mean. You are definitely a "hoppy" little girl!
It's a cup/baby/ball - I love the fact that you are starting to speak in sentences! You tell us all the time exactly what something is by putting "It's a" in front of a word you've already mastered. :)

The biggest change you've experienced this month is the fact that we moved into our new house! You have your own room AND a playroom -- plus lots of room to run around. I love that this house will be the first one you have memories in. It's the first house that your daddy and I have owned together & we hope it's one you'll be proud to call your childhood home someday!

Some of your current favorite things: curling up on the couch next to me and your daddy (this is where you fall asleep most nights), cheese cubes, helping me put laundry in the hamper or trash in the trash can, getting your own drink at Sonic, identifying body parts when asked (you know head, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, tongue, hand, toes & belly -- such a smart cookie) and Pringles.

And here are some recent pictures of you...

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