Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caroline, you are 22 months old...

A lot has been going on with you since my last blog post, Caroline! The big news is that we found out you are going to have a little sister! Less than 4 months to go until Baby Reese comes & we are busy preparing for her arrival.

We are in the process of converting your playroom to her nursery -- you seem to LOVE having your toys & books in your room though. We are also upgrading your room some -- Grammie is getting you a dresser & Mickey Mouse toddler bedding. And you are also now the proud owner of a 19" TV! Although some people might find it weird that you aren't even two & have a TV in your room, you're just like mommy & daddy and need the light and sound to fall asleep to. You are sleeping a million times better in your room now & love spending time in there.

Whenever we ask you where Reese is you point to mommy's growing belly (or occasionally your belly or daddy's belly, which cracks us up!) and you are able to say her name with ease. You also recognize her ultrasound picture on our phones & often give the screen a big kiss. So sweet! We can't wait to see your reaction to your baby sister when she's actually here!

Our vacation to New England has been put on hold until next year, but we were able to take a 4-day trip to Destin, FL this summer. I have to take this opportunity to brag for a second... it was a TEN HOUR trip down there. You had never been in a car for more than a couple of hours at a time, so I had mentally prepared myself for trying to entertain a screaming little girl. But you were a perfect angel.. I'm not exaggerating! Not a single tear or anything. You slept about half the trip & then entertained yourself the rest of the time. We had the car stocked with toddler-friendly snacks, books & our portable DVD player and you were more than content the whole time. I was honestly shocked & incredibly proud of you! And the trip back home was the exact same way, so it definitely wasn't a fluke.

Our time in Destin is something I will always treasure since it was the last family vacation we'll have with just the 3 of us. We spent time at the beach, did some shopping, went on a dolphin cruise & ate some delicious food while we were down there! You weren't the biggest fan of the beach though. You didn't like walking on the sand or getting sand on your body -- something that's inevitable at the beach. You warmed up after about half an hour and we were able to get some cute pictures, but I definitely wouldn't call you a beach bum just quite yet! :)

You were also in your first wedding this weekend, which was so exciting! You were the flower girl in my friend Jennifer's wedding & I was a bridesmaid. I was a nervous wreck expecting you to freeze once you walked into the church with over 200 people staring at you, but you were amazing! You wore a black leotard & an adorable black/blue/white tutu that Jennifer made you. You ran up the aisle with a big smile on your face & then sat with daddy & Grammie for a few minutes. Then you decided you needed to be standing up front with the rest of the wedding party, so you started picking up the flower petals & handing them to guests. You were absolutely adorable & we were so proud of you! And after a quick nap at Grammie's house, you were ready for the wedding reception. You loved eating the cake & dancing to the music.. definitely a little party animal! :)

Some of your favorite things right now: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, chicken nuggets (you say "want tickin'! Want tickin'!"), broccoli ("brocky"), stickers, Cat In The Hat, chasing Grammie's cats around her house, mommy's perfume & toy cars.

Here are some recent pictures... :)

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