Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caroline, you are 16 months old...

Happy Sweet 16, Caroline! At sixteen months old you are full of energy and big smiles. You love blowing people kisses & sometimes even offer them to strangers.

It seems like your vocabulary grows every single day - here are some new words you've learned since last month...

"No more?"
"Sissy" - while pointing to pictures around the house of your half-sister, adorable!
"Cheese" - this is my favorite! The way you say it is beyond precious.
"Muah!" - kissing sound, technically not a word but it melts my heart. :)

You've spent the past few weeks house shopping with your daddy and me. You've had a blast exploring all the different houses & our realtor is completely in love with you. We've found a 3-bedroom, 1 bath house in Evansville that we will hopefully have the keys to by the time you are 17-months-old! The seller has accepted our offer and we are just playing the waiting game now. You'll have your own bedroom PLUS a playroom -- and plenty of room for you to run around. This will probably be the first home that you will remember & we can't wait to create some wonderful family memories there with you!

I definitely need to mention some of your nicknames -- since you were born you were "Munchkin" to your daddy, Grandma Arlene & me. Over time this has been shortened to "Munch" and that's what we call you 99% of the time. Your daddy also loves calling you "Turkey Lurkey" - which is adorable. :)

Some of your favorite things right now: when people clap on TV (you clap right along with them), grape juice, board books (your current favorite is definitely Goodnight Moon), brushing your hair & everyone else's, wearing sunglasses, the song "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO and strawberries.

Here are some recent pictures:

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