Sunday, December 30, 2012

Officially a big sister!

Congrats, Caroline... you are officially a big sister! Your little sister, Reese Elizabeth, was born at 9:07am on December 12th. You spent four days with Grammie Arlene while we were in the hospital with Reese -- which made you grow even more attached to her than you already were. <3 But your daddy and I missed you like crazy. Thankfully, Grammie brought you to the hospital a lot -- but it just wasn't the same. I missed being the one who dressed you in the morning, gave you baths & received your nighttime cuddles. As my first baby you'll always be incredibly special to me, Caroline -- it was hard for me to be away from you, even for those few short days.

Despite the fact that you were always loving Reese in my belly (giving her kisses, hugs, patting my belly and saying "Hi Reese!"), you were very reserved with her in the beginning. But since then you have warmed up to her & have definitely taken on the big sister role! First of all, you rarely call her by name.. you say "that baby" - which cracks everyone up! You say things like...

"That baby cryin'!"
"Aww, that baby cuuuuute!"
"Mama, that baby hungry!"

It's so precious, no matter what you're doing, if Reese starts fussing you'll run to her side & see what's wrong. You love giving her a pacifier & occasionally getting to feed her a bottle.

Here are some pictures of you & your new baby sister. I really hope that you guys will be close growing up -- especially since you'll be so close in age. Reese is going to look up to you so much in life & learn a lot from you. I can tell you already see yourself as her protector & that makes us so happy. You're going to be an amazing big sister, Caroline!