Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Caroline, you are three and a half!

Our sweetest Caroline, you are now three & a half. Time really flies! You are full of energy these days -- always wanting to go play in the backyard or running laps around the living room. You wake up around 8am and are nonstop until bedtime around 8pm. You've given up on the idea of naps. 

In addition to always being on the move, you also talk constantly. Seriously. Unless you're sleeping or eating, chances are you're jabbering about something. Here's a list of your quotes I've been saving on my phone over the past several months... enjoy! 

Caroline: "I'm hungry. I want square cheese!" 
Mom: "The only square cheese we have is pepperjack. It's really spicy." 
C: "I want square cheese. I want square cheese. I WANT SQUARE CHEESE!!!!!"
(Takes a tiny bite)
C: "Eww. It's spicy."

Mom: "Caroline, what do you want to do on your birthday? Want to go to the zoo?"
Caroline: "Will the giraffes have happy birthday cake?"

Caroline: "Aww, my piddle sister!"
Mom: "Piddle?"
C: "Pretty little sister!"

Mom: "Don't pick your nose!"
Caroline: "It's okay, mommy. I can be gentle."

Mom: "What's my name?"
Caroline: "Mommy Grace Hampton" 

(Watching Dad count money in his wallet)
Caroline: "Daddy, I need 10 dollars."
Dad: "What? Why?"
D: "Why do you want 10 dollars?"

Mom: "My stomach hurts."
Caroline: "Oh! Want a bandaid?"
(Runs out of the room to get one)

(After being handed a plate with ham, cheese & some BBQ chips)
"Oh! Nice work, mom!"

Caroline: "Mommy, we have a super big problem!"
Mom: "What's that?"
C: "Chicken nuggets!!!
M: "What about them?"
C: "I NEED some!"

(Play shopping with Reese) 
"Do you need peppers today? You need chocolate cake? You need diapers for your butt, Reese cup?"

Daddy:  "Would you mind giving me a little space, Caroline?
Caroline: "Sure! What's it look like?"

(After realizing the wireless was turned off on the Kindle) 
"I can't watch Barney. He's dead." 

(Takes a sip of root beer)
"Eww! It's spicy coke!" 

"Mom, I just took a big sneeze! In my nose!" 

Caroline: "Mom, I'm the hare & you're the tourist. Let's race!"
Mom: "What city am I visiting?"
C: "Huh?!" 

"No, Reese! Don't eat the palm tree on top of that strawberry. We throw it out!"

Mom: "Does Reese have curly hair?" 
Caroline: "No. She just has a forehead." 

Mom: "Caroline! Santa's coming tonight!!"
Caroline: "Okay. I gotta pee." 

(How you currently say spaghetti)

Caroline: "Mom, are you a grown up?"
Mom: "Yes, I am."
C: "I wanna be a grown up, too!"
M: "You will be someday."
C: "I need to get some grown up clothes. Like a raincoat and.... some glasses."

Caroline: "When I grow up I wanna be a mommy just like you."
Mom: "You can be!"
C: "Yes. I'll be a mommy & you be Caroline. GO TO BED, CAROLINE!" (Says while pointing your finger at me)

(Holding your hand over food that had steam coming off of it)
"It's okay. I'm just touching the hot." 


Some of your favorite things right now: Curious George, Barney, McDonald's Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits, picking up random rocks and leaves outside, talking on the phone with Grammie, jumping on beds, trips to the zoo and children's museum, pizza, coloring (I must hear "can I draw on this?" a dozen times a day), bubble baths with Reese, building towers out of Legos, waking daddy up for work, pineapple milkshakes from Sonic and the song "I Love It" by Icona Pop. 

We are still trying to get your hypothyroidism figured out. Last week your doctor reviewed your most recent lab results and decided to refer us to a specialist. I'm hoping this new doctor will help us find some answers. We've tried adjusting your medicine several times over the past year, but your thyroid levels always end up spiking again. Your daddy and I just really want you to be able to lead a normal life with this disorder. That's the goal. :)

We are headed down to Florida later this week for a little family vacation. I'll try to update with some pictures after we get home! Last time we went in 2012, you were an only child and still pretty little. You were afraid of the sand & not exactly a beach-lover. Well, now you've been talking about the beach nonstop for the past few months, so I'm interested to see how you react this time! It'll also be Reese's first trip to the beach. I'm so excited to make memories with you guys & enjoy a relaxing week!

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